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Find Your New Best Friend…..Adopt a Cat or Kitten From Us !

Your new best friend might be waiting for you at the Madison-Greene Humane Society! We have a large variety of sweet, loving, beautiful cats, each with endearing personality and amazing character, and each and every one looking for a home filled with love for a lifetime.  All animals adopted from the Madison-Greene Humane Society are spayed or neutered, and vaccinated prior to being made available for adoption.

Looking for a Youngster?

Depending on the time of the year, we have kittens galore! All colors, all filled with energy, all needing a loving family and home.

Looking for a Laid Back Lovebug?

Older cats have a lot going for them! They are already litter box trained, very loving, aren’t tearing around your place and jumping on your head, love a comfy bed more than the latest flashy toy and LOTS more. Read the following pdf article… Check out this blog that appeared on the website: (pdf).

Looking for a Particular Breed?

Check us out! Did you know that an estimated 25% of animals in shelters are purebreeds? You can find the companion pet of your dreams, or maybe find a completely unexpected treasure.

Looking for a working cat for your barn or farm?

Call us! We have cats that might not be the happiest as indoor pets, but instead yearn for the outdoor life, living in the safety and warmth of a barn. Barn cats need loving and responsible homes too.

Looking for a One-of-a-Kind?

Mixed breeds are the most unique animals on the planet! Just imagine, you could adopt a one-of-a-kind mix that no one else has. Mixed breeds are absolutely beautiful, a patchwork quilt just asking for a good snuggle. Take a look – you might just find someone you can’t live without.

Items You’ll Need to be a 1st Class Cat Person:

FOR YOUR CAT     <Click this link to bring up an informative PDF Bring home a friend. Give them love, care and patience, and they will become family.